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"EtoileFint Auberge Tissili” is a family company which respect the sustainable development. All the members live in the Oasis of Fint.
The company has been created by Abdeljlil Elmorabit and his brothers, who were all born within the village of the Oasis.
The family welcomes guests within its hostel/restaurant TISSILI for many years. Then in order to satisfy the demands of the customers who want to feel themselves closer to the authentique Maroc, its nature and its population, Elmorabit's family decided to create excursions and tours in the South of Morocco.
Every guest is welcome as if he was a member of the family which means that he can learn a lot with the population of the Oasis and share with them their traditions and culture.
Besides his business of hostel/restaurant/Tours, Abdeljalil works for more than 10 years for the development of its village by having created the association ALWAHA to help the education of the children who could study in Ouarzazate and the other aim of the association is to form a co-operation of the women of the Oasis to promote the regional craft industry. In its need to help the Other, it is quite naturally that it came to him the desire for accommodating visitors in order to make them discover the beauties of its Oasis and to choose thus largest of the richness: the sharing. The Elmorabit Family proposes interdependent and ecological tourism by supporting the meeting of the  local population, the respect of the culture and the traditions of the Berber people, who live in a sumptuous but difficult nature.