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Fint Oasis
Located ten kilometers from Ouarzazate “Oasis of Fint ” is a preserved tourism area. Its nature still intacts offers to the travellers wonderful landscapes.
The green valley of Fint wedged between its arid mountains, is strewn with many palm plantations, the gardens carefully cultivated, the villages of traditional cob houses perfectly integrated into the surroundings.
It is really hard to preserve this fragile nature and to make each visitor understand that the survival of its terrestrial beauties depends on the respect of each one towards the man and his environment.
You also have to know that the Oasis has been the place of filming for many famous movies such as: « Indigènes » with Jamel Debbouze and Sami Naceri, « Prince of Persia » with Jake Gyllenhaal, « Kingdom of Heaven » with Orlando Bloom, « Babel » with Brad Pitt and Kate Blanchett, etc.